What do we offer ?

  1. European Standarts Products

    Salliu 2G for years offers to the Albanian market the best products from world leading companies all materials production insulation , insulation , insulation voice , construction , and any other material that helps professionals work to achieve the highest standards

  2. Insulation of all types

    Salliu 2G is a team fully dedicated in providing high standard services . Having the potential itself the best experts in the field of insulation , the company offers thermal insulation , acoustic insulation, waterproofing and all kinds of insulation . Salliu 2G is expert in the provision of company bosses isolation system , as one of the systems that you conserve energy drastically

  3. Qualified Staff

    Our specialized staff is at any moment to offer you any customer the best products to companies like Masterplast , Bekament , Shculer of many other companies .Support to each client is one of the main focuses of Salliu 2G administration . All staff is qualified and trained to provide maximum contribution of each service effectiveness

  4. Partnership with elite companies

    Salliu 2G  was for many years part of Masterplast International Group which is one of the leading companies in Europe for the marketing of materials for insulation ( thermal , acoustic , zeizolim , hydro ) . Society also owns Bekament close partnership with another company which provides tools and accessories for years the best in the construction sector .